Registration Type
PADEL - Unlimited Court Hire Membership $39
$39 monthly

Unlimited Padel Court Hire $39 per month


Terms and Conditions

KDVPadel Rules & Regulations

What does my membership include?

Your membership gets you unlimited court hire at any time of the week, priority access to social nights, discounted private/group sessions and 10% off Padel racquets in Proshop.

Padel Gold Coast WhatsApp

The WhatsApp group is a tool used for members to organise their own games, staff to arrange socials, promotion of KDV Sport initiatives and general fun healthy Padel/member related chat. If you have any complaints, please keep them off the group and direct them to Padel Gold Coast Admin.

What if I have a non-member playing with me?

We try to operate on trust with non-members, however this has been broken in the past and will be enforced better going forward. If you are playing with a non-member, please let them know the casual usage is $15.00 per person.

What is my Padel level used for?

Your Padel level is a number 1-6 assigned to you by our Head Padel Coach. This number can be used to find games similar level to you, and/or ensure you are attending the right social.

How is my Padel level determined?

Your Padel level is determined through our Head Padel Coach’s assessment. This level is not a stagnant number, and can be upgraded/downgraded dependent on Padel Tournament results, social performances and enrolling in lessons with our Padel Coaches.

How is the social set up?

The night before between 6-7pm our Head Coach will launch the social for the following day. These socials are available to 8-10 people dependent on day. The priority of entry will be those who enrol first on the group once launched. Please note, posting before the social has been launched, will result in you being dropped to the bottom of priority.

Do I need to re-enrol each year?

No, your membership of KDV Padel will remain in place from year to year or until you notify us of your intention to cease.

Joining Fee?

No, we have no joining fee, only monthly membership.




All regular payments for membership are charged in the first week of the month by Direct Debit from either your nominated credit card or bank account. We do not charge in advance, issue accounts, or accept ad-hoc payments.

What is Ezidebit?

Ezidebit is a service which we have engaged to process the credit card and bank account transactions on our behalf.

How are fees charged?

We offer a convenient payment system that provides payment of membership fees from your nominated credit card or bank account. You can start your membership at any time throughout the month at a pro-rata rate and finish at any time; our only requirement is that you provide 14dayswritten notice of your intention in order for us to cease debits.

Any transaction fees?

No, processing and merchant fees charged by Ezidebit are already included in your fortnightly tuition fee payment.

How do I cancel my enrolment?

You can cancel your enrolment and payment authority at any time by providing 14dayswritten notice. Cancellation & amendment forms are available from our office or you can email your instructions to Your instructions must be in writing, it is not sufficient to tell Padel staff, call our counter staff or leave a message.


Please feel free to speak to call Ross Taylor on 0434 632 973 or email